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TORAZA P3/PM Training is a division of Toraza Zenith Inc. is the first and only Canadian company that is accredited to deliver professional training courses for the qualification of APMG’s “Certified PPP Professional” Program through classroom and in-house training arrangements.

The focus of our training service is to develop the capabilities of young professionals and enhance the skills of seasoned professionals involved in infrastructure development projects related to Public-Private Partnership (P3) delivery models.



TORAZA P3/PM Training signed an Affiliate License Agreement with Training ByteSize Ltd. (UK), an Accredited Training Organization by APMG, to offer and provide preparatory training courses for the CP3P Program to the Canadian, USA and Middle East markets.

TORAZA P3/PM Training is an Affiliate Training Organization to Training ByteSize Ltd. and will run the CP3P training courses in association with Training ByteSize Ltd.


“A long-term contract between a public party and a private party, for the development and/or management of a public asset or service, in which the private agent bears significant risk and management responsibility through the life of the contract, and remuneration is significantly linked to performance, and/or the demand or use of the asset or service”

(PPP definition provided by the Public-Private Partnerships Reference Guide, V 2.0 (World Bank 2014)).


CP3P-training Toraza ZenithIn realizing the range of PPP training Programs available on the market, the idea of a global and accredited certification came to be. Success in the delivery of a PPP demands effective planning, financial support, leadership, experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of Public Private Partnerships.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Inter-American Development Bank through its Multilateral Investment Fund (IADB through its MIF), the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and the World Bank Group (WBG) funded by the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) have all pooled their knowledge of PPP delivery and established the CP3P Program. The essence of this global commitment is to provide candidates with the necessary training to become a “Certified PPP Professional” accredited by APMG.


“APMG-International is an award-winning Examination Institute. APMG accredits professional training and consulting organizations and manages certification schemes for knowledge-based workers, and has a global reach, with regional offices located around the world. APMG is the certification body for the accreditation of the product training organizations, the approval of the product trainers and the certification of the product examination graduate.” (Source: www.apmg-international.com).


Despite the many training programs available, candidates holding the CP3P credential formalize their expertise in PPP practice and earn the title of “Certified PPP Professional”. Because the process of attaining the CP3P is straightforward, it is essential, given its long-term benefit on one’s credentials. Employers will be more inclined to consider holders of the CP3P certification due to the credibility and technical competence that comes with it.

The legitimacy of the certification is such that the acquired knowledge falls in line with international PPP best practices. The Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) saw potential in the present PPP training programs, but identified the hurdle in the distinctiveness of each. In order to develop an all-inclusive, well-rounded and globally recognized certification, a “common language” for a standardized process of PPPs was developed. Therefore, APMG’s training program has taken on the role of providing a best practice and Book of Knowledge of PPPs.


The foremost difference of CP3P is that it provides a certification for PPP professionals. The program gives practitioners and experienced individuals the opportunity to document their professionalism through an accredited certification.

CP3P is the product of seven leading Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), which provides candidates and organizations employing the qualified professionals with a competitive advantage by demonstrating superior technical competence and carrying global credibility.


The CPC3 certification can be attained by any individual or professional seeking to formalize their knowledge of PPPs. This caters to a host of individuals ranging from PPP professionals, to governments, Financial Services professionals, investors, advisors, and local businesses.

CP3P is the product of seven leading Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), which provides candidates and organizations employing the qualified professionals with a competitive advantage by demonstrating superior technical competence and carrying global credibility.

Who Has Taken Our Training

Participants that have registered and completed their training with Toraza P3/PM Training are associated with various local and international organizations including:

AECOM Canada
Aecon Group Inc.
AST Trust Company (Canada)
Bermuda Hospitals Board
Bot Construction Limited
CBCL Limited
ENGIE Services Inc.

Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
GSD Innovations, LLC
Lindsey Quality Solutions
Maryland Department of Transportation
McGill University
Nigerian Engineers Society
Stantec Consulting Ltd.

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